Why you shouldn’t own a pair of derby

Dear reader,

Derby shoes are usually second in a list of shoes styles. After oxfords, before loafers.

With experience, we’ve noticed that derby are of less importance than other styles lower down the list: loafers, boots…

In fact, we believe you dress for all occasions without owning a pair of derby. That’s us. We never think: “Ow, we wish we had a pair of derby”.

By now, you should know what derby are: it’s a less formal kind of closed, low-rise shoes. Less formal than oxfords.

Shannon Polished Binder Derby Black | Church's
Derbies by Church’s
Oxfords by Antonio Meccariello

Being less formal, most derby models don’t match a suit. Oxfords make you look sharp. Derby make you look blunt. Like this oufit makes you feel uncomfortable.

The only instance where we would recommend derby over oxfords, is for people with a strong top of foot (coup de pied).

For the rest of us, oxfords, loafers and boots are fine. And they cover all occasions – more than enough.



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Jamie Larson