White trousers are overrated

Dear reader,

Growing up we looked up to men wearing white trousers.

Truth be told, white trousers are fancy and crisp.

Therefore we began thinking white trousers were a staple of the gentleman’s wardrobe — an essential piece.

They're not.

To be fair, we probably got the idea from a mens fashion magazine. Today, we know why they write that: they’re prepping their readership to buy the clothes advertised in their columns. Would you blame them?

There are a couple of issues with white trousers.

The most stressful piece you can wear

Trousers are more exposed than shirts. Trousers are exposed to :

  • dirt as you walk, and wherever you sit;
  • and to stains from foods and drinks.

It’s easy to understand why dark trousers (e.g. navy) make so much sense. If you need to wear them a few days in a row (for a short trip), you won’t risk taking white trousers. Even beige or khaki are more useable.

Therefore, if you own a pair of white chinos (like yours truly), you’ll notice they get very little wear.

To wear white trousers, you need an event :

  • in the summer — if you live North of Milan like us;
  • dressy — like a garden party;
  • close to your home — we attempt to travel lightly so white trousers usually don’t make it to my suitcase.

In the end, white chinos take up space in our closet. And every time we look at this pair of white chinos suspiciously, they reply: “You can’t throw us away, we’re a staple of the gentleman’s wardrobe.”

Today is the day we end this fraud:

White trousers are overrated. They’re not a staple.

White shirt — yes.

White trousers — no.



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Jamie Larson