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Dear reader,

This was us (and maybe it’s you right now) :

We're hurrying in the morning. We have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes, and somehow, we hardly manage to put together a decent outfit.

“What’s wrong with us?”, we asked ourselves for years.

“We’ve spent a fortune buying nice clothes and shoes. We now have plenty of choice. And somehow, we struggle when getting dressed. Our clothes don’t work together – like an orchestra that can’t play together. And we always end up wearing this outfit we put together years ago.”

It was frustrating.

One day, we decided we had enough.

We went about reverse-engineering the wardrobe of gents we admired.

And here we are today, a different man – and you could be one too.

... More relaxed.

... With more money in your wallet.

... And an impeccable style.

Through our elegance consultancy, we’ve helped plenty of men achieve the same.

And now, we're sharing our method here, because we believe plenty more can benefit from it.

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Jamie Larson