Why we don’t wear short sleeves in the summer

Dear reader,

When you think of summer, you think of t-shirts and polo shirts…

… unless you’re us…

we use short sleeves if we want to be comfortable at home, when we exercise, or for sleeping (sometimes).

It would be stupid for us to wear short sleeves under the scorching sun. We would have to constantly cover our skin with sun cream. And we don’t believe the chemicals in sun creams are too good for our health.

Therefore, we try to use sun cream only when we really have to — for mountain sports, or for water sports mostly.

What we do instead in summer, is that we wear long-sleeved shirts and roll the sleeves whenever we can (in the car, sitting in the shade, or walking in a forest).

Otherwise, we roll down our sleeves and even raise our shirt collar if we want to protect our neck. As you can imagine, we favour thin shirts, in cotton or linen (even better).

What colours?

We avoid dark colours that gather the heat. Pastel colours are the best. They’re joyfull, yet classy, and incredibly versatile (i.e. easy to pair with other clothes).

I would also include pastel yellow. The same applies for trousers.

The other benefit of long sleeves in the summer

There’s another benefit to wearing long sleeves in the summer: dealing with aggressive air-conditioning.

Air-conditioning precision has improved over the years, but it still happens to us that we are freezing in July in a store, hotel or restaurant.

At our office, for instance, the air-conditioning is way too strong, and no-one seems to be able to do anything about it. Therefore, in the summer, we can roll up our sleeves when we go outside for lunch, and roll them down when we are freezing in the office.



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Jamie Larson