Over 30? Here’s the basic trimming you ought to be doing from now on

Dear reader,

Body hair keeps on growing as we age.

As a teenager, grooming mostly consists of beard shaving. And we get used to it.

So used to it that we forget that other hair starts becoming messy: eyebrows, nose hair, possibly ear hair. Culturally, we all agree that this facial hair should be trimmed.

How should you go about trimming them?

For eyebrows, we recommend just trimming the length. We have started asking our hairdresser, and now he knows we expect him to do it every time we come for a haircut.

If you have a monobrow (like ourselves) and you think it doesn’t look clean, we suggest you use tweezers every two months to pluck the darkest eyebrow hair. We advise again shaving between the eyebrows. It does not look natural. And people will start looking at your weirdly shaved monobrow rather than at your eyes.

For your nose hair, We recommend plucking it with tweezers every two months when you start seeing hairs precluding. Just be prepared, it’s painful and itchy for a few seconds.

For your ear hair, we recommend asking your hairdressers to take care of it.

There’s also the topic of sideburns and neck hair which grow fast, and look messy earlier than the rest of your haircut.

Our best advice to go to the hairdressers every month, or just before ceremonies, and important meetings. If you haven’t managed to make a hairdressers appointment ahead, we suggest you shave your neck with a razor — you can ask your second half to do it. As for you sideburns, you can try trimming them lightly with scissors or clippers. Just don’t be too ambitious and don’t rush it. We have cut too short many times, and even a hairdressers will have a hard time saving your sideburns.

We’ve focused on facial hair so far and you might have expected me to talk about body hair.

It’s a tricky subject. we don’t think we, as a society, are on the same page here. Nose hair, sure, we should trim it. But many men feel uncomfortable trimming body hair.

We feel the same.

Sure, when we look in the mirror, some of it doesn’t look clean, but if we trim it, we want it to look like we didn’t trim anything. With body hair, we have this image of men overdoing the trimming. Again, it doesn’t look natural.

We don’t want to overdo the body hair trimming.

Therefore, for the longest time, we have done anything to our body hair.

But recently, we noticed it getting out of control: hair growing on our shoulders, down the back of our neck…

So we decided to experiment by having the shoulders and back shaved. The result is fine, but it regrows within a month, so it’s hard work. we tried using the wife’s laser to flash the hair on the shoulders, but after six months of regular flashing, we hardly see any difference. we still have lots of hair.

We have also experimented with trimming our chest hair. Shaving our chest hair entirely would be too much work, and it would look really unnatural. Plus, we tried it once for a dance competition and we had an itchy chest non stop for one month. It’s way too uncomfortable.

We tried trimming our chest hair with scissors, but we got the same horrible itch as with shaving. Only it lasts 2 weeks. This is still too much to ask from me.

We tried trimming our chest hair with electric clippers, and to our surprise, it worked wonders. The itch is mild and lasts only two days. And we can do it every two months, which is not too much to ask of me.

We experimented with different chest hair length when trimming. Too short looks weird, so we definitely recommend 1 cm and above. For simplicity, we trim our armpit at the same length. It’s cleaner while still looking natural. However, it may vary depending on your hair type and colour.

There’s also pubic hair… Again there isn’t one opinion in society. We have trimmed it but I’m convinced by the result. Again, we want it to look natural, and naturally it’s bushy, so there isn’t much we can do. 1 cm is definitely too short. It doesn’t even look good. 3 cm would be a minimum if you want to keep density.

As far as all the other body hair is concerned (leg hair, arm hair, etc.), we do not find them unsightly, so we do not touch them.



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Jamie Larson