The only pair of shoes you will ever need

Dear reader,

What’s the only pair of shoes you will ever need?

Herring shoes

A pair of black oxford?

Please, no.

It’s time to rethink the gentleman’s everyday pair of shoes.

The black oxford is no more an everyday pair of shoes than the little black dress.

We have run some statistics on which pair of shoes gets the most use (on weekdays and weekends)…

… and it’s the chocolate suede.

It’s both elegant and laid back.

We can be dressed up or down.

In our experience, nothing’s more versatile.

Ok, but what style of shoes should we pick?

You may wonder why we didn’t mention any style (oxford, derby, loafer, boots…).

That’s because chocolate suede works amazingly with all styles. It’s that versatile.

You will wear most often:

1) A pair of wingtip oxfords

Crockett & Jones

2) A pair of chukka boots


3) A pair of penny loafers


4) A pair of Chelsea boots


5) A pair of derbies

Carmina Shoemaker Plain Toe Derby in Chocolate Suede – Gentlemens Footwear

But, wait. we haven’t told you the best about it:

Suede is also the cheapest leather to buy.

So, this tip will also save you money.

Speaking of which… beware of shoemakers that charge you the same price for suede and calfskin.



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Jamie Larson