The biggest mistake when wanting to stand out (are you making it?)

Dear reader,

Our biggest mistake as an aspiring gentleman was…

… to care about color and pattern, more than fit.

Yes, we want to stand out. But not because we look like a clown. We should stand out for the right reason.

And after years of mistakes, we can tell you that finding the right fit is more difficult than picking flashy clothes.

The rule of thumb is: there is no compromise.

Whether a shirt costs $15 or $500…

Whether it’s from H&M or from Charvet…

… when you try it on, forget about the price tag and the label. We know… it’s hard. Vanity is always around.

But try just to focus on how it makes you feel.

Confident, or awkward?

Use your gut feeling.

This requires you to know yourself well. And, you are going to make mistakes. But don’t worry, we all do. We still make mistakes sometimes.

Here are 3 thoughts we find helpful:

  1. Expensive clothes were not necessarily made to fit you. It’s ok if they don’t. Just try the next shop.
  2. Cheap items can be amazing. Look at espadrilles: who would think a $20 pair of shoes could be any good? And they’re handmade in France!?
  3. Discounted items are cheaper for a reason: no-one thought they were worth their full price. Stop thinking you’re spotting amazing bargains all the time. Most of the time, it’s not a bargain, it just doesn’t sell — even at half price. Otherwise, someone before you would have snapped it (in all likelihood). Arbitrages are hard to come by.

In this column, I’ll teach what to look for to get a good fit.

But before that, sharpen your common sense. Ask yourself: do we feel confident? Is this piece reallyme’?

If you manage to tame your vanity, and listen to your common sense (your gut feeling), you’ll make big progress… very soon!



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Jamie Larson