Please don’t wear your watch like this…

Dear reader,

You have certainly seen men wearing their watch loose on their wrist.

So loose it’s always sticking out.

They usually come across as show-offs.

And we have to say it’s working great.

While facing this type of men, we have noticed we cannot focus. We are always checking out their watch. It’s like a woman showing off too much cleavage — it’s hard not to look down.

It grabbed our attention so much, we decided to try it out for ourselves.

Why? Because we tend to be vain. Because we need other people’s appreciation. And showing off our expensive watch is one of the things we are ready to do.

Frankly, it was disappointing.

Firstly, it’s uncomfortable. The watch is constantly digging into your hand when you do any activity.

Secondly, the watch is overexposed. We tend to be clumsy, and we were banging the watch on walls, and doors, everywhere. Even a tough stainless steel watch would look poorly after 3 months hanging off our wrist like this. And we don’t even work on a construction site. We an office rat!

Thirdly, it felt like we were losing the watch. Because it’s moving along your wrist, it doesn’t feel secure. We found it stressful to be under the impression that we are losing our watch.

Lastly, it looks bad. Sure… men who wear their watch like this tend to be douchebags. But there is another reason for this: your wrist is narrower and your hand. And the watch’s proportions were thought out to ornate your wrist. So these proportions look off when you’re wearing this watch over your hand.

The only reason why one would want to wear a watch so forward on the hand, is because the watch doesn’t fit under the cuff of their shirt.

But if a watch is so massive it doesn’t fit under your cuff, isn’t it too big anyways?

So please, if that’s you, stop wearing your watch so loose. It’s impractical. It’s not classy. And it’s not the sign of a gentleman.



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Jamie Larson