Why you shouldn’t own a pair of derby

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Derby shoes are usually second in a list of shoes styles. After oxfords, before loafers.

With experience, I’ve noticed that derby are of less importance than other styles lower down the list: loafers, boots…

In fact, I believe you dress for all occasions without owning a pair of derby. That’s me. I never think: “Ow, I wish I had a pair of derby”.

By now, you should know what derby are: it’s a less formal kind of closed, low-rise shoes. Less formal than oxfords.

Shannon Polished Binder Derby Black | Church's
Derbies by Church’s
Oxfords by Antonio Meccariello

Being less formal, most derby models don’t match a suit. Oxfords make you look sharp. Derby make you look blunt. Like this oufit makes you feel uncomfortable.

The only instance where I would recommend derby over oxfords, is for people with a strong top of foot (coup de pied).

For the rest of us, oxfords, loafers and boots are fine. And they cover all occasions – more than enough.

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